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Getting started with content

Often, people make the mistake of starting with the design of a website and jamming the content into the design they pick. We tend to work around this backwards method of site design by first creating a template or framework for the site: colors, logo, fonts, etc. We try to make it as fluid and as flexible as possible, giving the website administrators tools to update content with as little technical encumbrance as possible. However, whenever possible, we try to get the website administrators to engage in the content creation process.

Dumb web management

Wasting time to update website

I enjoy some of the cartoons on BusinessGuysonBusinessTrips.com. You should check it out. This caption captures the methodology of many businesses. Dumb, slow, unnecessary and broken.

Trying out PlacePop

PlacePop seems to be yet another locator ap. But, I like it. After a short sign up process I searched my local coffee house. It wasn't in the system, so it asked me to add it. My favorite part of the experience was that it found images from the website and asked me if one represented the business. I quickly picked the sketch of the Coffee House and we were off.

Some things I'd like to see:

Tekany launched the new site and blog

Tekany has been a technology service provider and consultancy for years. Most of you have never heard of the company. And, up until now that was much by design. We have worked behind the scenes to consult entertainment and retail business to build strong online brands and consumer interaction. Today we launch our public authoritative information resource: tekany.com.